UXOS 2018

An updated version of UXOS is now available.

UXOS provides an intuitive desktop environment with extra software and out-of-the-box enhanced multimedia support.

With UXOS, you get web browsing, email (Geary is now included instead of Thunderbird), a complete office suite, tons of multimedia choices, graphics applications, and access to social media.

UXOS Gaming Edition

UXOS Gaming Edition is now available as a digital download for $10.

UXOS Gaming Edition is the hugest release ever by UXOS Linux.

UXOS Gaming Edition includes all the latest software and security updates.

UXOS Gaming Edition includes the Kodi media center (no third-party plugins included), OpenPHT (an open-source Plex media server), RetroPie with a ton of emulators, and open-source games including LinCity, Micropolis, Super TuxKart, and Frozen Bubble.

UXOS Gaming Edition also includes productivity software including LibreOffice, GIMP, Inkscape, Blender, and Oracle VirtualBox.


UXOS Cupertino 2017

UXOS Cupertino 2017 is a modern Linux-based operating system designed to be familiar to users of macOS.

UXOS Cupertino 2017 features a macOS look and feel with tons of software.

UXOS Cupertino 2017 is available for $5.

Linspire VGS 2017

Linspire VGS 2017 is now available for purchase!

Linspire VGS 2017 is a modern Linux-based operating system designed for work and play.

Included with Linspire VGS 2017 is Steam, RetroPie, and tons of Linux-based games.

Linspire VGS 2017 also includes productivity software.

Linspire VGS 2017 is available for $5.00.