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New Windows-inspired Linux OS now available!

After the positive reviews of my macOS-inspired Fuji OS, I am pleased to announce that a new Windows-inspired OS is now available.

And for this, I decided to resurrect a long-dead name…Lindows.

Lindows 10 is installed the same way as Fuji OS, only this time the default user name and password is uxoslinux.

To download Lindows 10, click here.

Instructions on How to Install FujiOS

I remasterdd FujiOS with the “PinguyBuilder backup” option so please pay attention.

  1. For best results, boot into a live desktop.
  2. Use fujios as the password to log in.
  3. Open the terminal from the dock. (The terminal is located to the left of the Firefox icon.)
  4. Execute sudo ubiquity and use fujios as the password.
  5. Install the system as you would normally install any Ubuntu system.
  6. When you boot into your installed system, you will have to log in as fujios so use fujios as your password.
  7. To create your own user, click on the Slingscold app – the grey icon with a black rocket ship to the left of the terminal – in the dock and search for “Users and groups”.
  8. Click on Add User, enter the fujios password, and make your own user and password.
  9. On the right side, change your new user account to an Administrator. If you don’t do this, you will not be able to install extra software or use the Software Store.
  10. Log out of the fujios account.
  11. Log in to your new account, use Slingscold to open Users And Groups, and delete the fujios account.

FujiOS 2017

FujiOS 2017 is available as a free download!

FujiOS is my attempt at bringing a macOS-type experience to Linux users.

FujiOS 2017 is based on Xubuntu 16.04.2 and includes a heavily customized XFCE4 desktop environment including new themes and configurations as well as a dock for your favorite apps. The main desktop also includes a Spotlight alternative called Albert. (Albert is accessed by hitting left CTRL, left SHIFT, and A at the same time.)

FujiOS’ dock also includes a Launchpad alternative called Slingscold. (If you want a traditional XFCE4 app menu, just right-click on the desktop.)

FujiOS also includes the latest software and security updates and enhanced multimedia support including Spotify, Rhythmbox, Headset (a YouTube music player), Totem Video Player, VLC Media Player, and the Openshot video creation tool.

FujiOS also includes the latest – as of July 29, 2017 – version of LibreOffice, version 5.3. (Version 5.4 should be available soon as an update using the Software Updater.)

FujiOS also includes an enhanced web experience with included access to Google Chrome, Skype, Instagram (with the Ramme app), and Twitter (with the Corebird app).

FujiOS also includes Shotwell and GIMP for your graphics and photo needs.

And finally, FujiOS includes backup software so you can restore your system with a few clicks without having to reinstall FujiOS.

The best thing about FujiOS? It’s free.

Download FujiOS 2017 here.

UXOS Workstation 2016

UXOS Workstation 2016 is available for download!

UXOS Workstation 2016 is a full-featured yet lightweight operating system designed for home and business use, complete with expanded multimedia support and a cloud-enabled Linux kernel.

Based on the solid foundation of Ubuntu, UXOS provides a solid and secure operating system with the latest software and security updates.

UXOS features a wide range of pre-installed applications for all users.

Graphics designers have instant access to GIMP (including extra plug-ins), the Blender 3D graphics/animation tool, and the Inkscape vector graphics tool.

For audio/video creation, UXOS comes with Audacity and Pitivi.

For playing back your music and movies, UXOS comes with Rhythmbox, Spotify, VLC and Totem. UXOS also includes built-in support to play back encrypted DVD movies.  In addition, Kodi is included, which gives you access to THOUSANDS of hours of TV shows and movies at no cost. UXOS also has Adobe Flash Player so you can watch YouTube videos immediately.

UXOS also includes Firefox and Chrome for easy web access as well as Skype and Pidgin – with built-in support for the new Yahoo Messenger – so you can chat with your friends around the world.

UXOS also includes the wildly popular LibreOffice Suite so you can create text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. If you know how to use Microsoft Office, you already know how to use LibreOffice.

UXOS also includes a powerful desktop virtualization app so you can install and run a full version of Windows without having to reboot your computer. In fact, you can use UXOS and Windows at the same time.

What OS is complete without games? UXOS comes with Steam (no membership included), Aisleriot Solitaire, Frozen Bubble (a great arcade-style puzzle game), as well as retro console emulators which can play ROM game files for the Atari 2600, NES, Super NES, N64, and Game Boy (classic Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance). (No ROM files are included.)

UXOS has built-in UEFI support for all 64-bit computers, including Macs. This means you can install UXOS on any 64-bit PC or any Intel-based Mac.

UXOS 2016 is available for free.  Please support this business by either making a generous donation below or by clicking on the ads at the bottom of the page.

XXCE Linux is now UXOS Linux!

As many of you know, XXCE Linux was started in 2008 to bring a multimedia-capable OS to the masses as well as a collection of “web apps” for mass appeal.

Well, the idea of “web apps” was clearly a fad, so I phased out the web apps and slowly turned XXCE (Xubuntu Xtreme Cloud Edition) Linux into XXOS (Xubuntu Xtreme OS). The last version of XXCE Linux – XXCE 5 – was released about six years ago.

In 2010, I also started a side project called UNEX (Ubuntu Netbook Edition Xtreme) which brought expanded multimedia to Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.04. Well, the netbook fad has long passed, so UNEX slowly morphed into UXOS (Ubuntu Xtreme OS).

Last year, I toyed with the idea of adopting a macOS-style dock to the look and feel of UXOS and XXOS. Cairo Dock is pretty good, but it can be buggy at times.

Finally, I found the perfect dock app: Docky. It’s easy to configure, and it’s easy to make a default setting for all users.

However, with Docky, UXOS still has Unity, and I’m not a big fan of Unity.

So I have decided to retire the XXOS name and combine my UXOS and XXOS projects into one project which retains the UXOS name.

Even though the new UXOS is based on Xubuntu, it’s still Ubuntu under the hood.

So what will you get with the new UXOS?

You will get a simple yet elegant look and feel which will appeal to users of both Windows and macOS.

You will also get the same expanded multimedia support as with past versions of XXCE, UNEX, UXOS, and XXOS.

You will also get a wide range of included software which turns UXOS into a lightweight yet powerful workstation, ranging from graphics design (GIMP, Blender, Inkscape), audio/video creation (Audacity, Pitivi), gaming (Steam, Frozen Bubble, Aisleriot Solitaire), desktop virtualization (VirtualBox), music/video playing (Rhythmbox, VLC), web browsing (Firefox, Chrome), and chatting (Skype, Pidgin). In addition, UXOS will also include the Kodi Media Player so you can watch your favourite movies and TV shows online.

UXOS’ Linux kernel will also include built-in cloud support.

UXOS strives to become the new face of workstation OSes for home and business use.