gOS Ultimate E Final Edition

gOS Ultimate E was the first Ubuntu remaster I ever worked on.

When the original gOS Rocket E came out, I was disappointed in how limited the system was. I wanted a system which allowed me to easily add new users and have a better file manager.

So what did I do?

I installed gnome-system-tools (which adds “Users and Groups” so you can add new users with ease), the Thunar file manager (my favorite file manager), as well as the ability to play MP3s, AVIs, and so on.

Since gOS Ultimate E was based on the Ubuntu 7.10 code base, this OS has been rendered obsolete as of April 2009.

gOS Ultimate E Final is pretty much gOS Ultimate E with software repositories changed to old-releases.ubuntu.com and all final software/security updates installed.

As with XXOS 2.4 Final, gOS Ultimate E Final is being uploaded for archiving purposes only. It is not meant to be installed on modern computers, but it can be installed inside Vmware or VirtualBox for a trip down memory lane.

To download gOS Ultimate E Final, click here.