Instructions on How to Install FujiOS

I remasterdd FujiOS with the “PinguyBuilder backup” option so please pay attention.

  1. For best results, boot into a live desktop.
  2. Use fujios as the password to log in.
  3. Open the terminal from the dock. (The terminal is located to the left of the Firefox icon.)
  4. Execute sudo ubiquity and use fujios as the password.
  5. Install the system as you would normally install any Ubuntu system.
  6. When you boot into your installed system, you will have to log in as fujios so use fujios as your password.
  7. To create your own user, click on the Slingscold app – the grey icon with a black rocket ship to the left of the terminal – in the dock and search for “Users and groups”.
  8. Click on Add User, enter the fujios password, and make your own user and password.
  9. On the right side, change your new user account to an Administrator. If you don’t do this, you will not be able to install extra software or use the Software Store.
  10. Log out of the fujios account.
  11. Log in to your new account, use Slingscold to open Users And Groups, and delete the fujios account.