FujiOS 2017

FujiOS 2017 is available as a free download!

FujiOS is my attempt at bringing a macOS-type experience to Linux users.

FujiOS 2017 is based on Xubuntu 16.04.2 and includes a heavily customized XFCE4 desktop environment including new themes and configurations as well as a dock for your favorite apps. The main desktop also includes a Spotlight alternative called Albert. (Albert is accessed by hitting left CTRL, left SHIFT, and A at the same time.)

FujiOS’ dock also includes a Launchpad alternative called Slingscold. (If you want a traditional XFCE4 app menu, just right-click on the desktop.)

FujiOS also includes the latest software and security updates and enhanced multimedia support including Spotify, Rhythmbox, Headset (a YouTube music player), Totem Video Player, VLC Media Player, and the Openshot video creation tool.

FujiOS also includes the latest – as of July 29, 2017 – version of LibreOffice, version 5.3. (Version 5.4 should be available soon as an update using the Software Updater.)

FujiOS also includes an enhanced web experience with included access to Google Chrome, Skype, Instagram (with the Ramme app), and Twitter (with the Corebird app).

FujiOS also includes Shotwell and GIMP for your graphics and photo needs.

And finally, FujiOS includes backup software so you can restore your system with a few clicks without having to reinstall FujiOS.

The best thing about FujiOS? It’s free.

Download FujiOS 2017 here.